About Me

If HR/personnel is a mystery to you –  “that pink fluffy stuff that gets in the way of progress and profits”  –  you need Rhythm HR.

I started Rhythm HR after more than 20 years supporting directors achieve excellence,  change and progress through people.  My experience has been in a local authority setting across all sectors each of them unique in terms of their stakeholders and the context within which they have to achieve success. The one common factor is that they all work in a fluid political environment that requires a response to changing priorities.

My success as an HR professional has been as a result of hard work alongside a passion for excellent customer service. I am innovative in reaching solutions and can articulate risks so that you can make well informed decisions.

I have been a member of national award winning teams in my field.

During the previous three years I have project managed the HR transfer of four large secondary schools to academies involving the transfer of some 500 staff alongside projects that have involved the transfer of just 5 employees either in or out of the organisation.

I have personally held managerial responsibility for teams of up to 100 staff,  and my advice is built and enhanced by this first hand experience.

Your experience as a customer with Rhythm HR is unique in that you will not have faceless telephone help lines,  or frustrating conversations with people that do not understand your context,  you will have a professional relationship with me,  my credentials stand up and my connections and previous customers will tell you so.


Deborah Emery